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Indoor Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

Indoor Volleyball Tryouts 

Upcoming Volleyball Clinics: 

Time: 4 pm -5:30 pm

Cost: $10

Registration is below.


Beach Volleyball 


Dates: Every Saturday in October and November 

Time : 8 am - 9:30 am

Cost: $20

New Mexico Premier

Our club wants volleyball to feel like a family!  We want to create a culture where athletes take responsibility for their success. Coaches are invested in their future and their well-being.  Coaches use their experience, leadership, dedication, and passion to act as mentors to guide athletes towards their goals.  We give athletes the skills needed to be successful in life and prep them for collegiate sports.  We are creating a cross-over club that allows athletes to play both sand and indoor volleyball.  Playing both surfaces makes them a more dynamic athlete, helps their over-all volleyball skill set, and opens their scholarship opportunities.  We will train boys and girls 18 and under.  We strive to create a club that allows our players to understand and excel at volleyball, affordable for families, and create a fun culture.

New Mexico Premier Contact us

New Mexico Premier Contact us

Phone: 5053630578